Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blog Tour for How to Kill Your Boss by Krissy Daniels

When Tatum’s daydreams of murder become a reality, all fingers point to her.
In Tatum Wood’s opinion, murdering her boss on a daily basis within the safety of her thoughts is better than therapy. Until he takes a swan dive off a building and all evidence points to her. Thank goodness she has Franklin Reed. Her mysterious, overprotective and drop-dead gorgeous coworker is all too eager to play hero. With two attacks in her building and her stalker with a penchant for roses, Franklin’s injection into her life couldn’t have come at a better time.
As Tatum and Franklin scramble to discover who’s behind the murder, secrets are unearthed that question his well as his identity.

Franklin tossed his cell at my feet, rolled down his window, and took a deep breath.
Classified? “Who are you?” I swiveled to face him.
His grim expression softened. Barely. “You know who I am.”
“Who are you?” I asked again, more a demand than a question.
“The man who keeps saving your ass.” He looked my way, and I got my first glance at his face. The skin surrounding his eye boasted several shades of purple and blue. His nose definitely didn’t look right, and three large scratches stretched from his left eye to below his cheekbone. Not bad for my first shot at kicking someone’s ass. Instinct urged me to reach over and offer comfort. I tucked my hand under my leg to keep it from such betrayal.
“Why were men shooting at you?” I asked, unable to cloak the seething anger in my tone.
“They weren’t.”
“Now you’re not making sense.” I pulled on the door handle. “I’ll jump out if you don’t start talking. Why were men shooting at you?”
“They weren’t aiming for me, Killer. You were the target.”

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Author Bio
Krissy is a full time writer, an avid reader, and lover of all things romance.
Growing up surrounded by the great outdoors, her childhood was full of adventure that fueled an overactive imagination and ignited a passion for storytelling. Whether it be dolls, or running free through the wooded areas surrounding her home, playtime always included a tormented villain, a damsel in distress and a larger than life hero.
After relentless encouragement from friends and family, she finally put the characters in her head to pen and paper. The only thing she loves more than curling up with a steamy romance novel, is cozying up to her desk and writing her own sexy adventures to share with others.


Review: 5+++ STARS
Krissy Daniels gave you everything in this novel. From hot sex to action. 
-Tatum hates her boss!  She daydreams everyday of killing him. At first the title threw me off, I thought it would be different, but as soon as i started reading I was drawn into it.  The chemistry between Tatum and Franklin is WOW!   She hates/loves him, he loves her and will do anything to protect her (total alpha male if you ask me). Things start getting weird, secrets are being kept.  Tatum doesn't know what to think anymore, things, people, are not who she thought they were.  Action and romance with HOT sex all in one book?   Well, who can say no to that.
-Maggie from Firefly Book Blog

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